Euranux Traders Hub

was founded in SEP 2020, Story begun with 2 experienced traders back in 2010, setting out on a journey to educate more people in the world of trading.

After develop more than 1,000 traders, lacking capital to grow their career is always the biggest obstacle for every traders around the world

Therefore, in late 2018 they decided to join forces with their elite partners to clear up traders biggest barrier. By finding an optimized way to merge their strengths, Euranux Traders Hub was created

Euranux Traders Hub is aim to assist traders, helping them grow so that we can grow with them. We strive to provide Funded Models that assists people interested in the FOREX, Crypto, Stock, Commodities or CFD’s markets

People orientated is always one of our core principal
Thus, we refer to all of our traders including those who have not entered one of our Funded Models as the Euranux Traders Hub Family and welcome them with open arms and dialogue should they wish to embark on their career to become a Full Time Fund Trader.


Exploring the world of talented traders, providing them a platform, unite them with us to expand this project into global platform. Together we create a global community and create an open career-building platform for forex traders